829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Poisson Frit

A sailor that I know just went to Menorca, Spain.
He sails and everybody understands.
Then he scarfed down a plate of Whitebait, uh huh,
and said it was the finest in the land.

In Metedeconk, we call them Spearing,
and they're definitely used for bait.

We All Chipped In For a Bag of Cement

After almost 40 years, I still don't understand
the 'bag of cement' reference. I still get chills, however,
when I hear this song.  Must be something to do
with being a teenager in the seventies.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tillerman's First Mention of Food (Comida)

Jamon Serrano.  I know he went to Menorca (Minorca) to sail 
Lasers, but I knew what I was looking forward to; his food posts.  
Yeah, the next time I gybe (jibe) a Laser, I'll use my hiking stick 
(tiller extension) to free the mainsheet from the corner of the transom.  
But if I ever get to Spain (Spane), I'll order the Jamon Iberico,
(Pata Negra), which feeds primarily on acorns.  It is said to
virtually melt in one's mouth (boca). 'til manana................

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Insult to Injury

They just can't catch a break!  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

You Can't Go Home Again

I'd just spent the better part of the last hour writing about
our experience in the new restaurant last night, where the
old restaurant used to be. It looked to be the best piece of
writing I'd done in a great while and I was anxious to post.
I clicked on an alert to read someone's comment on another
post and completely lost the entire piece.  I obviously still
don't know all the nuances of FB.  I don't have it in me to 
re-write.  I've just fallen overboard, capsized, and turned 
turtle at the finish after leading the entire race.

In a nutshell, after much fanfare about the new place, and
reading the menus and imagining what I'd order and what
it would taste like, we came away less than dazzled, 
somewhat disappointed, and personally, a bit relieved.
After so many months of feeling so damn bad about how
such a beloved institution could go out with such a whimper,
there was consolation.  Not a lot, but a little.  They will get
better and more consistent with time and I suspect we will
go back.  Eventually 

A Summer of Flavor

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An Act of Internet Dopiness

Oh geeze.  Now, what was I trying to add to my 'Daily Bread'
blogroll?  With one stroke of a key, I erased my entire blogroll.
Help me re-write the list, please, with your comments and feedback.

Here's a topic:  Baydog is a dumbass.