829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, Floody Sunday

Saturday's high winds wreaked havoc on our area,
including our yard, where three very tall evergreens
decided to give up the fight. With the winds came a
torrent of sideways rain that saturated the earth

My bilge pump ran flawlessly all night, but this morning
there was a strange absence of sound coming from the
basement. Surely the water table had dropped and we
were out of the woods? Not so fast. A quick look down
the basement stairs revealed a shiny surface to the floor.
The pump's float got stuck in the up position and we started
to flood. Luckily, from past experiences, everything is up from
the floor or in rubbermaid tubs. The pump is sporatic at this
point, but still effective. I'll have to keep a sharp ear out.

On a lighter note, It's Albert Einstein's birthday.

I think he would have felt at home on my dad's E-Scow!


  1. Wow. A swimming pool in the basement? What a cool idea!

  2. Is that sail number for real? Fantastic!

    That was quite a storm, wasn't it? I was trying to get home from Queens Saturday night - took me 3 hours, and the crazy part is that the last 40 minutes or so were spent waiting for a bus to drive me a distance that would have taken me 10 minutes to walk. I just really, really, really didn't want to be walking in that - I was at a stop where I had good solid shelter from the wind & the rain & I liked it there.

    Probably wasn't a bad call based on what I saw yesterday. I walked out to Sheepshead Bay last night, will probably be doing a post about it tonight, but the short report just from the route I walked was 1 big tree & about a zillion branches down, a construction site porta-john tilted over (not all the way, lucky for the Call-A-Head folks) and their plywood walls tossed around like a giant 52-card pickup game, a zillion mashed umbrellas & 2 sailboats sitting on the bottom of Sheepshead Bay.

  3. Metedeconk River 2, Bonnie. What's with the weather this year?

  4. Too funny!

    I don't know what's up with the weather - but I think that Mr. Friedman fellow might.

    This weekend is at the moment looking so nice I'm sort of tempted to start agitating for another sail on Saturday - but I think I'll wait for a couple of days 'cause heck, there could be tornadoes in the forecast by Wednesday!

  5. I respect Tom Friedman and others and admit that there are some serious changes taking place regarding the planet's climate. However, I also like to poke fun at Al Gore once in awhile. Really, did he "practically invent the internet"? I wholeheartedly agree that alternative origins of energy should be sought, and wind and solar-powered sources top my list. Our country's dependence on foreign oil is unsettling to say the least. I am neither a politician nor a scientist, so that is all I will say. Regarding sailing, however, You must sail this weekend! I will wait patiently for the report.

  6. Mostly I just liked the phrase "global weirding" - think he's got a really good point there.

    Saturday will more than likely involve a boat, just haven't decided whether it's the sailing kind or the paddling kind. Sailing is a lot more dependent upon the cooperation of the better sailors - at this point I'm cleared to take a club dinghy out on my own if conditions are utterly benign, but my personal definition of "benign" involves higher water temperatures than we've got right now!

    Gotta be Saturday though. Sunday is margaritas in celebration of an old friend getting tenure. Whoop!

  7. Really like your old family photos. Timeless.
    However, I should read your blog at times other than on an empty stomach right before lunch...

  8. A picture is worth a thousand calories, Bowsprite!