829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Inspection

"You know, Thad, you may want to re-bed this
splash guard.  I can see daylight underneath it",
said the goose. "There's a guy in Jersey who
blogged about this who may be of assistance."


  1. Let me tell you about Baydog, the sea dog,
    The prince of the Jersey sands.
    He's got 3M caulking just a drippin' off of him
    And a bruise on every finger of his hand.
    He's got a big old sailboat hauled out in the yard
    And a wiener dog by his side,
    And every springtime round about now,
    They splash that old sailboat and ride.

  2. The wind is howling and the anti-fouling
    paint is spattered wide
    around the spot and in the slot
    where the sloop Bay Rhumb had lied
    all winter long with bay winds strong
    where snow and ice once sat
    and made one shiver, but now Forked River
    is where my boat is at

  3. GR8 poetry aside, it's clear to me that bird is about to apply some duck tape.

  4. I think that bird is about to poop in that inspection hatch.

  5. as the owner of the boat (and thankfully not the goose), I can assure you there was no duck tape or poop applied to any part of the boat. but the goose did try to nibble at my legs a few times over the weekend, and generally did a good job of scaring off the young children.

    the goose somehow survived the weekend, although there was a pretty serious crew ready to make him Easter dinner.

    but they probably would have just tossed out the goose liver, baydog.

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  7. I think there is a quack in that boat, but it can be fixed. Where shall we send the bill?