829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Thursday, May 5, 2011

'43, '63 and '77 at 829

Dad to port, and a neighborhood friend 
manning the starboard oar.

Messing about off the dock at 829 South Drive
with Mike moored in the background.

Nana next to Dad's Karmann Ghia in the big driveway at 829.
It was a double lot, so 1/2 of the property was a gravel yard
for cars, sailboats, and drying spinnakers.  And weeds.

E-Scow MC 2 with Laser 802 on top, either ready to go
down bay Saturday morning, or Saturday evening, after a day of 
racing.  Not visible is Dad's VW Squareback with the Penguin
on the roof, that towed the Scow/Laser combo.  Notice the
varnished wooden Laser blades in the foreground.


  1. Now I see where I went wrong. When we moved to RI I should have bought a double lot so I could make a big gravel yard for storing boats. As it is, I live in a hoity-toity community that doesn't allow you to keep any boats in the yard. Can you believe it? In Rhode Island.

    So I am restricted to owning only as many boats as Tillerwoman will let me keep in the garage.

  2. Great photos! My mother-in-law's double lot on LBI looks like that - a very expensive boat parking lot! We had a similar laser - red with the wooden blades - sail #749.

  3. Great pics of (your) JW as a young'n. the Navy lid's a nice touch.

    Furs and German cars... I'm imagining the first Nana/Gigi meeting.

  4. those are some sweet old photos, and I'm sure great memories as well.

    I've always loved the Karmann Ghia's - almost bought a fixer-upper several years back off a college kid looking for cash, but I was only a few years out of college myself, and not that flush with cash anyway.

  5. In the 50's, I sailed my Penguin on the same waters Grand Lake in Colorado as Scows sailed. Then, I'm sure I thought they were sort of hoity-toity. Now, looking back, I'm feeling that I was sort of privileged. Also, by an experience of one race on that lake, I was condemned to a life of proligate spending on yachts. Had that addiction not happened, I could afford to retires by now.

  6. Funny, two of the bloggers I respect most used the term "hoity-toity". That was one of Nana's more-used adjectives.