829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Keep Off the Grass!

After eight months of looking at a mound of ground up tree 
stump on our neighbor's front yard, we decided to have it removed.

These snowplow stakes are in place to keep the hundreds of people
wandering across our yards each day off of the freshly-sown grass
seeds. I'm not sure why the recycling can is there; maybe he plans on 
reading the newspaper while waiting for the grass to sprout.  

I kinda liked the way the tree looked there better.

Don't mind the stupid video, just enjoy the song.
I still don't know why they named a college
after toothpaste.


  1. where are the chickens?

    is O'Docker making you crotchety?

  2. Ohh God...I am spiraling out of control in a time warp! I almost fell out of my chair because it was not what I was expecting to hear. Did that album belong to Impulse or Orange Hair? (your readers will have a blast with those code names)

    Of course the lyric had to hear was; "grass is for city people, and darn little of it!"

    Man o' man, that song hell, whole album brings back a lot of good memories.