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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photography for Bloggers: First Opinion

Wow.  The Blogmeister is asking his disciples for advice on ways 
to use original photography instead of always going to the Google
Images archives.  My first opinion on this topic is:  Have your
camera (or iphone) with you at all times.  How often have you
been somewhere and thought, this would be a great subject
for a blog post?  After you've caught the blogging bug, you're 
more often than not on the lookout for that unique opportunity
to snap a photo or two of something you've happened to stumble
upon, or more likely, what you thought you might see in your
endeavors.  Guilty as charged.  

I've seen this sign dozens of times over the years in the men's head
at Beaton's Boatyard.  It hangs over the urinal.  On Monday, as I
almost always do when I visit, I drove directly to the bathroom
building to get some relief before beginning my sniff around the
hallowed grounds.  I actually went back to the car to get the camera
and snapped this shot.  After all these years, I finally did what I 
always thought I should have done.  Hopefully both of you
readers will appreciate my effort.

Have your camera (or iphone) with you at all times. 


  1. Great point. I should take this to heart. Have my cell phone with me at all times. Even in the toilets. Even if there's a sign saying "No cell phones in the toilets."

    Actually I was thinking of writing a post involving activity in a bathroom but I don't have a good photo to go with it. Yet. Now I know what I need to do.

    Thanks for participating in the group writing project.

    What's your Second Opinion?

  2. I thought that sign looked familiar. Let me know the next time you're coming down. Had a great sail yesterday morning, freshening sea breeze and sunny till the clouds started filing in.

  3. Deciphering grammar whilst using the head is always edifying.

  4. Note how the writer draws us in with clever ambiguity and double entendre. Does he mean "in the toilet" bowl... or "in the the toilet" stall?? The first two items would seem to be a prohibition of the former, while the second two, the latter.

    And what does he have in mind with respect to "Personal items etc."? It would appear too broad a restriction to be enforceable-- arguably another encroachment of the executive branch over the rights of free men (and sailors in need of relief) that are granted in the Constitution. The majority of our Supreme Court Justices would have a field day with that one!

    1. ...Oh, and that's without regard to the incorrect use of the possessive on "butts" and items", which caught Baydogs (sic) attention in the first place.

    2. Suppose I wanted to bring my broccoli lunch into the toilet. would that be considered a "Personal item's"?

  5. How do I use a toilet without my "personal items"?

    1. You only need me. The other two are just hanging out.

    2. You doesn't have to call me Johnson!

  6. Baydog, this is a good photo tip, but maybe an even better tip about why you shouldn't buy a refurbished cell phone.

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