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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photography for Bloggers: Second Opinion

Don't be afraid to look like a photo-blogging geek.  If you want 
some good shots, you have to be nosy sometimes.  When I show
up at Beaton's any more, I think they all pretty much know another
post is coming.  Not that they all rush to read it.

Silent Maid's dinghy Maid Service.

Hoist pit at Beaton's.  I can't even begin to imagine how many
classic boats have sat here, including my not so classic Merit 25
a bunch of times.

It wouldn't be a true visit if I didn't walk to the end of the T dock
and say hello.  She enjoyed my presence.  The skipper was
nowhere to be found.

Doryman, you've shown interest in this old girl before.

Catboat row, surprisingly still full two weeks ago.

I had a feeling I'd find Charley in here after having come back
north from the winter in the Florida Keys and Beyond.

It's almost like these guys expect to be chronicled once in a while.
Paul took it in stride that I was behind him snapping photos.
I no longer feel like I'm intruding.

Myth has been a popular subject lately in our little group of 
Barnegat Bay bloggers.

Charley sanding the teak hatch covers from his Tartan 27.  Having 
just recently sold the boat, he was doing some last minute sprucing
and hoping that the new owner would treat her with as much respect.

He reminds me of another guy who took great pride in his work.

Accidental cool photo.  Standing in the rain outside of the main shed,
I took this picture of Charley sanding and later saw my own reflection
in the window pane.  There must be a certain name for that.

Charley's Tartan.  Just the teak and the bottom needed attention
and delivery was around the corner.


  1. Very cool boats! Reminds me of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum workshop.

  2. Very nice photo essay, Baydog. I'm semi off-line (no wifi at the beach house) but I'll post some stuff when I get a chance to go to the island library.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. With Tillerman as my Captain, I am confident that " Maid Service" would be a ship I could sail. Just tell me left, right, forwards, backwards, versus port, starboard, fore, aft or poop deck....what the hell is a poop deck anyway, I know my dog may have an interest in that part of a ship.Tillerman, is it still an old English custom that the Captain cleans up the dog poop on the ship?

  4. Who cleans up Doug's comments?

  5. This is embarraskin'

  6. Why does Carrie keep asking me if I have a blog? Who is Carrie and does she have a blog?

    1. Bring tea for the Tillerman...

    2. The Artist Formerly Known as CatJune 19, 2012 at 10:13 PM

      What he said...

    3. Cat, did you miss this way back when?

    4. Thank you OU, for bringing me back to the days when we didn't have commercial interests crawling all over our work.

      I'm not wining (sp?), but really... what we must do to keep the royalties coming!

    5. Identity. Now there's a topic. Boats, artists... you name it!