829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo Quiz

1. Which way are we looking?  
2. Where was the photo taken? 
3. Where is the nearest sailing club?  
4. What was I thinking when I took this photo? 
5. What flavor was the fro-yo underneath?
6. What was it that brought me here?  
7. What will I eat later that includes Chinese sausage? (oops)
8. (New question) On which side of the river did I venture home?

1.  Name 3 proteins
2.  Name 4 main vegetables
3.  Name 3 root/bulb vegetables (having grown underground
     -mainly flavoring agents)
4.  Name 1 common Asian-ish herb
5.  Name 1 noodle

Extra credit

1.  Name 1 bottled Asian sauce (made from something of which I am 
     most fond)
2.  Name 1 most-ever used salty condiment
3.  Name 1 fermented Asian cooking liquid
4.  Name 1 thickening agent


  1. I am only going to attempt to answer the first series of seven:

    1) Toward the Delaware River
    2) New Hope, PA
    3) You're asking me?
    4) Are those berries found in nature?
    5) Cake batter
    6) A bike, and then an energy deficit/desire for a sugar high
    7) Fried rice

    1. Regarding the first series of questions:
      Numbers 2 and 6 are correct. Keep thinking. And give the second series a try, Moj. Surely your food knowledge will afford you several correct answers?

  2. What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

    1. You'll laugh. I was thinking about putting that question in the mix just to see how many readers (2) were awake.

    2. well this guy would have loved it.

      I'm not very good at pop quizzes - I thought about a poor attempt at your 2nd list of questions, but figured my guesses would just be silly.

      I did meet an old friend for lunch today at a Chinese restaurant - for some reason, I cannot get a good General Tso's chicken in the metro Detroit area. it was decent, but not great.

  3. OK here goes. Chicken, Chinese sausage, Chick peas/ red chiles, baby corn,broccoli, mushrooms / green onions,fennel, garlic / ginger / soba noodles.
    Extras / Oyster sauce / soy sauce / fish sauce / cornstarch.

  4. OK, Here goes nothing

    Since Mojo got 2 and 6 right I will take a stab at rest.

    1. You are sitting on a bench looking north up the river.
    3. Bordentown N.J.
    4. "boy that Chinese food sure smells good"
    5. Mango Sorbet
    7. The number 66 from Hong Kong Sunny
    8. The Jersey side, of course

    I will tackle the rest later

  5. OK, as others have pieced together, the Blue Penguin puts you in New Hope.

    And clues in other posts indicate you probably rode your bike up the Jersey side of the river and will return down the PA side, crossing back over the bridge George Washington should have used, and then back home over 546.

    The direction we are looking is down.

    1. Sometimes I think you know my neck of the woods better than I do, O Docker.

  6. Thanks Mojo, Anonymous, Doug, and O Docker for chiming in with your guesses. And M2F, sorry your chicken was generally disappointing.

    1. West
    2. New Hope, Pa.
    3. Lake Nockamixon
    4. When I catch my breath, I'm gonna inhale this
    5. Mango Fro-yo
    6. My bike, and a mango fro-yo jones
    7. The second photo
    8. The Keystone side

    1. Chicken, Bay Scallops, Chinese Sausage
    2. Bok Choy, Shiitakes, Baby Corn, Broccoli
    3. Ginger, Garlic, Scallion
    4. Cilantro
    5. Lo Mein

    1. Oyster Sauce
    2. Soy Sauce
    3. ShaoXing: cheap-ass, strong Cooking Wine
    4. Corn Starch