829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More From The Shore

No more new inlet.  

Peter Hurley came across the bay to survey the damage in the wake 
of Sandy. His Dad's house is but a few blocks south of  Betty Wagner's
 and the Mantoloking bridge.  The footage of Rt. 35 in this clip is
 hard to process; there's never not been a steady flow of traffic
 on this ocean road, as far as I can remember. 


  1. On the corner of Hwy 35 and Mantoloking Road, there used to be a Shriver Real Estate building, that is now past Beaton's in the marsh to the West.

  2. What a mess.

    I used to sail with PH too in Lasers down the shore back in the day.

  3. a few thoughts: holy cow, the devastion is just amazing. it's hard to comprehend how long it will take to clean up all the mess.

    2nd, did I hear him say he saw some cops? and then he started heading quickly the other way to get away from them?

    3rd, did he really test to see if that safe was unlocked?

  4. The worrying thing is that if he can dodge the cops to go there, so can looters.