829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Along The Way

Off today, Monday, and doing things that needed to be done by
someone who had the time to do them.  I made sure that I could 
do things that I wanted to do also, like ride my bike, to start to get
rid of the insulation I'd built up over the winter.  I rode the canal
towpath from Lawrenceville to Princeton's Carnegie Lake, where 
the University's Boathouse is situated at Washington Road.  Not 
too much activity there today, just a few sculls with coach boats
driving alongside, bullhorns in hand.  

It was a typical mid-spring ride on the towpath; blustery and chilly,
with a couple of joggers and a few older Asian couples walking 
and stopping to gather spring greens on the side of the trail, which I 
imagined to be dandelions and/or plantains.  It's a bit too early for
fiddlehead ferns.  The Canada Geese couples were still a bit nervous
as I approached, sticking their tongues out and quickly waddling 
into the canal.  By May, they'll be oblivious to the passersby.
I couldn't hear their alarms as I was entranced by Roger Waters and 
then Simon and Garfunkel on my iPod.  Quite a combination, huh? 
It certainly worked for me. 


  1. I did some of my marathon training on that canal towpath. Very peaceful and scenic.

  2. I am not a big car enthusiast, but is that a Volvo P1800 you are now sporting on your blog cover?

    1. No, that's my Dad's Karmann Ghia, circa 1962.

    2. Like I said, I am not much of a car aficionado, now that I think about it I am not much of aficionado, hell it took me five attempts to spell aficionado correctly.

    3. And you were the one who asked me about my cigar preferences.

    4. Hey, as always I know just enough to be full of shit. Getting back to you Dad's Carmen Ghia, I can't believe there was farfegnugen in 1962! Holy wiener(s)

  3. I regret, somewhat, on missing out on my scull and Karmann Ghia stages.