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829 Southdrive

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Monday, November 4, 2013

From the Dock of the Bay

On the dock looking East toward Bay Head

I hope the centerboard is up somewhat
because it's not too deep right there....

Dad and a couple of his Metedeconk friends
streaking by the end of our dock

I can't imagine the Lightning not having hiking 
straps, but it looks like Dad has his right foot
hooked underneath the aft deck coaming

Lightnings are not necessarily known for blinding
speed, but 'Vision' looks to be nearly sailing on
her skeg alone.  Blazing

Mom letting out an exhilarated laugh, probably
relieved that the mast didn't snap.  From the looks
of it, everyone had a good time that afternoon.

This blog has been very quiet in the past few months.
Sometimes it seems that I've run out of relevant topics
or that what I feel like posting about won't interest my
two followers.  There's always food, but 829 was 
supposed to be more than that.  Unfortunately, 
Facebook makes it too easy to post on a whim,
and I fear I have fallen prey to that medium.
I'm not knocking FB though, for I've been able
to re-connect with cousins who for so long
seemed unreachable.  I'm thankful for this.

The above post represents some of what I had
originally set out to do.  There are still some random
photos that need to be scanned and talked about, 
things that I've done and places we've visited, and
I look forward to getting back to that.  There's still
a lot more sentimental mush left in me.    


  1. You could always post a link to you blog post on FB and there by serve both of your audiences.

    1. Audiences...like they're waiting outside the auditorium to get in. Love you Geo

  2. I read both. You can up your count here to 3 readers. I always look forward to my 829 fix!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, one of the two most well-known Lightnings on the Metedeconk.

  4. Two, no who, two, no who, two, three!!November 4, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    I am deprived. Alas, I think I might have to get on FB.

    CT Cuz

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah, Cuz!, I'm surprised we haven't gotten the psych-up 'OFD is coming' email yet....

  6. There's a lot to be said for sentimental mush.

    For one thing, it's gluten free.

    1. And fat-free as well. BTW, where's Roseville, OD?
      So nice to hear from you.

    2. I guess Roseville is where my ISP is now based, but it's not where I live. It's a state of mind more than a place.

      It's just like Cherry Hill, only with a lot more cars and shopping centers and cars and shopping centers and cars.

  7. Anyone notice the 'Private Dock Keep Off' sign inconspicuously nailed to the bottom of the piling?

    1. Like we had problems with rogue pirates looking to make landfall on Wagner's Point

  8. Hiking straps? We didn't even have seat belts in cars then. I always liked seeing Lightning boats at Santa Barbara as a kid. How they move the centerboard - I just read that weighs 130 lbs. Uhg! Heave ho! Ow, my back...

    1. yes, a big thin slab of steel.

      Did you lie across the back window dashboard while in transit?

    2. I saw Lightnings on Grand Lake Colorado in the 1950's. BTW, I just sat down with members of GLYC in a bar last week. What a paroxysm of memories that sparked!

  9. Had to sit on the seat the whole way. There sometimes were six people in the car (me being the youngest) and a standard Poodle for the 72 mile, hour and a half trip. Was the back window your favorite spot?

  10. Do not give up this blog! I know nuttin about no sail'n but I enjoy this blog. Carry on Baydog.

  11. I love all your old pictures. such great memories!

    I'm not on FB, so don't stop blogging...

  12. O Baydog, Baydog! wherefor art thou Baydog?

    Your family is pasto and mine is antipasto. But does that mean you must abandon the blog for the infernal Facebook page? I say Nay Nay!

    Say it ain't so!

  13. I give. If I were - hypothetically - to go looking for this Facebook page, how would I find it?