829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

All About Me

Forty-four year old faded blue construction paper cover

The rallying call of the time

I had no idea what a hack was

My next door neighbors, the Reiffs, claimed to be
cousins of Mel Torme.  I had no clue who Mel Torme was

It's always Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

Actually, this is what I was envisioning

Yeah what about Me and books?
Okay, I know.  I don't read enough

The basketball part was completely fabricated

There is one regret in there, and I attribute that
insensitivity to the times.  But I have no idea what shic is.


  1. Priceless stuff. Good thing it wasn't leaked back in the day.

    Tapioca top?

  2. Baydog, priceless stuff. thanks for sharing! how old would you have been when it was written?

  3. You were actually above averidge.

    Television shows like The Brady Bunch were targeted at twelve-year-olds and here you were at nine already exploring their subtle nuances and complex themes.

  4. About damn time you posted something. I think your handwriting was better than mine at the same age. And I like the boat photo.

  5. oh, I love this! "All About Me and A Picture of a Boat That I Like," first edition! I LOVE your boat drawing! put it on a tshirt, it is perfect! (I'm sorry to commercialize your art. But I would buy a tshirt with your penguin on it.)

  6. I wonder what's up with Laurie S. these days? :-)

  7. She's still stout and sloppy and bad most likely

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