829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where for art thou, O Docker?

I am chieftain Angelo Bruno,
All the tribes are ruled by me,
Moved in here and held possession,
South of Trenton to the sea.

Here we came to run the action,
Numbers, hookers, other scams,
Caught our fish along the water,
Lotsa moolah, lotsa clams.

Shook down butchers, shook down bakers,
Money rolled in like a bank,
Oft we shot if they resisted,
We paid off cops of any rank.

In the woods we left the bodies,
Dropped them as we drove along;
There my warriors laid in ambush,
In their crews made stout and strong.

Our cadillacs upon these highways,
All about would swiftly glide.
As we built our weekend hideouts
With hidden exits on the side.

My people were content and happy,
We were free from all constraint,
We went to Vegas as a pastime,
Decked with Gucci and Laurent (Yves Saint).

Where are our strongholds, wide and stately,
Where oft I shook down shops of pawn,
The Genovese tribe got to me,
Alas! where are my warriors gone?


  1. I am blogger named O Docker,
    All the blogs were read by me,
    Writing comments was obsession,
    From Tiverton to Pacific sea.

    Here I'd come to read the action,
    Bonnie, Baydog, Joe, and more,
    Stayed up 'til the dawn was breaking,
    Lids were heavy, eyes were sore.

    Slammed down wisecracks, slammed down limericks,
    Eyeballs rolled in disbelief,
    No awful pun was too outrageous,
    Take anagram for fast relief.

    In the blogs I left the comments,
    Dropped them as I sped along;
    Though Tillerman may lay in ambush,
    With his comebacks stout and strong.

    Our coups de grâce upon these highways,
    All about would swiftly glide.
    As we built our wicked high jinks
    With hidden irony on the side.

    Where is my drivel, snide and sneaky,
    That kept me up 'til rosey dawn?
    On vacation in the Hamptons,
    Not quite here, but not quite gone.

  2. Mission accomplished. Thank goodness

  3. amazing!! How do you do it, Tillerman?

  4. Awesome! I love you guys.

  5. Mitch, that first poem was O Docker's as well

    1. I'm envious; I've never been half that witty. :P

  6. Where for art thou, Baydog?

    On facebook I expect. Sigh. 'Would love to see you post here in the blogosphere again.

  7. Yes, I've been sucked into the social vortex. Not that I'd be so presumptuous as to consider myself a writer, but I believe I've had something like writer's block. I'm certain I was a better person before FB. There is, however, a great event upcoming about which I plan to try to write. Stay tuned