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Friday, July 30, 2010

Turned Tables

As they did last night, my wife and daughter stayed in
touch with me during dinner via text and picture messages.
I always have said, a family that eats together, stays
together.  This time, they were being served the good
stuff while I had a humbler meal.  In Boston's Faneuil Hall,
there are many  restaurants from which to
choose, and the girls chose Todd English's Kingfish Hall.
I told them this morning that if I found out that they had 
chicken caesar for dinner tonight, I'd be pissed.
Hannah had the Lobster Salad Roll, which I had suggested
someone have when in New England.  I think they could have
gone lightah on the house-fried chips, eliminated the beans,
and gone heaviah on the Lobstah meat and cole slaw.
But that's just me. 

Pardon the blurry next couple of photos; cell phone
cameras you know.  Above was my lovely wife's dinner:
lobster tempura roll, and tuna tartare on top of some
sticky rice with dollops of spicy mayo and eel sauce?

This may be the way it looked by the time my dinner
was ready, but I maintain it was the phone camera's fault.
Toasted potato roll with mayo, yes mayo.  Ketchup is for
french fries.  Cheeseburger, basil leaves, tomato slice,
lettuce, onion, and jalapeno slices.  Mexifornia Burger.
Two of them.

In honor of their visit to Beantown, I went out
to the local "quickie-mart" for dessert.  Sorry Doc,
no Haagen-Dazs offerings to be found.


  1. Lobster vs burger - No contest. Be honest, you went for the ice cream to console yourself. Though, I must say you certainly did the best you could in preparing those burgers.

  2. Beans with lobster roll! Only in Boston, I guess.

  3. This afternoon (Saturday, that is), Pat and Gerald and I had burgers of the sort that, while not approaching lobster, were awesomely excellent. The burgers were big -- really big -- and perfectly prepared. The restaurant buys locally wherever possible, and even names the farms and ranches from which the raw ingredients come.

    And there's an awesome condiment -- green chile mayonnaise. Normally, I don't like mayonnaise -- it's too greasy for me. But this is sort of a New Mexico version of aioli. It's creamy and savory -- and it's great for dipping French fries into.