829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pointy Futbol is back!

Soon there will be pot roast for dinner while watching the 4th quarter
of the late afternoon game.  Chimney smoke, rotting apples in the
backyard, lazy yellowjackets, dry leaves, cold nights.
  Now is the autumn of my contentment.  Made glorious summer
by this team of New York. 

Soccer is cool, and I loved the World Cup this past summer.
But there's something inherently satisfying about the NFL.
I was in utero during the 1960 Championship game.
My parents were painting the living room, listening to the
Eagles play the Packers.  Chuck Bednarik, Tommy McDonald,
Tom Brookshier, Pete Retzlaff, Norm Van Brocklin.
 I think it all started there for me, though
I no longer follow the team from Philadelphia.    


  1. This weekend, my #2 daughter went to Notre Dame (her alma mater) to see the ND/ Michigan game. ND lost 28 to 24, but fans had a good time anyway. I never got excited about professional sports (seems a contradiction to me) but I find college football fun to watch. I always had good seats being in the band. ;)

  2. My dear Baydog, I hope my only two reactions won't be misconstrued as hostile. They are:
    1) Seasons are over-rated.
    2. Go Eagles!

  3. There's an Eagle fan inside of you, let it out.

  4. Braveheart: Fetch my Giants hat.

    Doc: There are no seasons in California; how do you know? And why go Eagles?

    PB: Call me old-fashioned, but I truly believe professionals want to win as badly as college players.

  5. I'm an old woman and I don't like football games but I wouldn't let those apples rot in the garden! Peel them and cook them with a drop of water in the bottom of the pot. No sugar added. It makes great apple mash... or whatever!

  6. I love football, but also prefer the college games. Living in the Detroit area - can you blame me for that?

    I'm an avid Michigan State Spartan fan - no offense Panda, but I hope my Spartans make it 2 weeks in a row for a team from Michigan beating Notre Dame.

    I was actually at the Notre Dame game where MSU pulled the upset and planted the flag at midfield because ND forgot to bring out the game's trophy. fun times!

    cheers, my2fish

  7. Why Eagles? I got in a blog-snit with someone months back who said he didn't think Vicks was entitled to a second chance. I just had to take a swipe at that.