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829 Southdrive

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Tear 'em up Tilly!

Ah yes.  Proper sail trim and weight distribution, with the skipper
sitting half-in and possibly feathering a touch trying to fetch the
weather mark.  It doesn't seem like it was too windy that day,
but who am I to talk?  This was January 17th, 2010. 
In Newport, RI.  Did I say January?

I noticed he's got that go-fast carbon-fiber tiller that costs a
week's groceries for a family of four.  Thing is, he's now got
only a family of two, and his wife is a gardener par excellence. 
She can go out back and pick tonight's side dishes.  So the
disposable funds exist, to a degree. 

We know that he likes to run.  Marathons, half marathons,
Turkey Day Runs, beer runs, donuts........The guy is in good
shape, no doubt about it. I remember seeing an Ab-Crunch
bench picture in a post last year. He puts me to shame.

He's somewhat of a technical guy.  He practices alot. 
A real lot.  And  he takes it seriously.  I have to hand it to
him though, his work seems to pay off.  He's about to embark
on a trip that will ultimately place him on the starting line with
the world's  Masters Laser sailors.  

There's a blogger out there that not too long ago voiced his dislike
of being told to "be careful" before going somewhere or
doing something.  

"Is there ever a time when a thoughtful farewell of "be careful" actually resulted in that person who received that farewell having taken actions that he or should would not have normally taken?, ie, the "be careful" comment having helped? And even if a major fluke of an accident did take place -- like a car accident or slipping in the shower and breaking your skull -- could the most careful person have avoided it with even the most obsessive precautions taken?  Answer: no.
We live in a pretty safe world. The odds are in your favor to do whatever you want in over 190 countries and not come away harmed. "Be careful". What a shallow thing to say, based in fear."

Our sailor had a different take on it.  In his view, "be careful" meant
"I care for you and I want you back alive and in health." 

Tillerman- We're rooting for you!  Have a great stay at Hayling
Island.  Do well, but more importantly, have fun in the process.  
And be careful.     


  1. "In his view, "be careful" meant "I care for you and I want you back alive and in health." "

    This is absolutely how I see it as well. My husband and I had a bad car crash recently, someone crossed the white line and drove into us head-on, no way we could have avoided it. It reminded me that things out of our control can happen any time. Now when he sets off to drive to Scotland I hesitate over what to say: "Drive carefully"? I know that he will. "Drive safely"? which actually means 'arrive safely'. Perhaps all I need to say is "I love you, do your best to avoid idiots on the road".

  2. Nice one!

    We also know he writes well and likes his grand kids.

  3. Thanks for your kind words, everyone. My blog will be quiet for a couple of weeks while I'm away, but no doubt I'll have lots of sailing experiences to write about when I come back.

  4. Tillerman, Don't forget to take your magic potion regularly... all your blog readers are behind you expecting to celebrate!

  5. O Dock expects that Tillerman will do his duty.

  6. No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy.

  7. Placing one's ship alongside that of the enemy may well have originated in the Old World. Still, ship placement languished in relative obscurity for years and would probably remain there today had it not been perfected by an enterprising and dedicated San Francisco Ship's Captain, and then brought to the world's attention by a passionate San Francisco writer.

  8. Nice photos of a nice trip! I will put that trip on my Bucket List.