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829 Southdrive

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Friday, November 19, 2010


Marco Pierre White is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest
chefs.  This oyster preparation is nothing short of sublime.
At age 38, he gave back his 3 Michelin stars (unheard of)
and returned to more humble cooking in smaller, less hoity-
toity settings. He did it for himself, like he did everything else
up to that point. When he felt that he had accomplished what he
set out to do,  he stepped back. His food remains unparalleled,
however, and I would gladly give a limb to experience an
evening of eating it

Did you notice the harmony in the kitchen with his commis
chef swirling around him?  And like my wife often laments,
did they have to use every pot in the kitchen?
The answer is of course, yes.  Not one extra pot, just
enough for every step of the preparation.
 And not a peep from Gordon Ramsay. 
He gets his chance soon enough!  


  1. Serendipity.

    Just last night I watched Bourdain's visit to his English country pub, in Hampshire.

    The point of the episode is to find out why the English have suffered such a bad rap for their food and to seek out culinary bright spots in the UK.

    Bob's yer uncle.

  2. I'm a Jaime Oliver fan....Gordon Ramsey makes my head explode. I had my fair share of dealing with assholes in the restaurant business.

    I really, really dislike bullies. So having said that, I heard that Marco was a class "A" bully. Being a great chef is no excuse to abuse people.

    Sorry, but that's my two cents. Back to the bar.

  3. Don't apologize, Joe. But the food, Joe, the food! I've been intimidated by chefs and managers before, but the reason for their behavior is to get the best out of their workers. More often than not, it's been effective. For what it's worth.

    BTW, Anchovies are some of life's simple pleasures

  4. Quince, La Folie, Gary Danko, Chez Panisse, Boulevard, Acquerello, Auberge du Soleil, Bistro Jeanty, Bouchon, Masa's, One Market, Aziza, Michael Mina, The French Laundry Michelin Star Restaurants - no screaming! Everyone is treated with respect....I was in the Navy, we treated everyone with respect and dignity. An asshole is never a leader, he ends up in a ditch with a bullet in his head.

    Back to the bar....Devi essere un romano come le acciughe sulla pizza!

  5. Order me a drink. I'll get the next round. And you've made me hungry with the mention of all of those fine establishments. I never yell in the kitchen.