829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Saturday, November 6, 2010


While I was fumbling, trying to take the mainsail off of the boom,
and cursing like a sailor because "it's never frickin easy for me to do 
something easy!", a couple of swans paddled by to see what the fuss
was all about.  What, you've never heard that kind of language from
the old guy across the marina from me who feeds you every day?

All the reeds are brown the reeds are brown
and the sky is gray and the sky is gray

Kinda fuzzy, but I guess that explains my mood this day.  Cruising
spinnaker near the end of the Forked River Channel, within
eyeshot of Old Barney.

I made it a point to pass this couple closely, snapping photos,
hoping that one would be worthy.  Got it.  I told them that
this was the best clamming boat I've ever seen.  They were
appreciative.  Notice the temporary rake guard clamped
onto the coaming.  I wonder if they're making stuffies tonight!
   I've heard sometimes they put chourico sausage in them. 

What are they thinking, keeping a black bear on the sedge island.
What are we trying to scare away?  Geese?  Who cares?
They should just cut a bear's likeness out of plywood and
paint it black.  Black as night.

Sorry old girl, bedtime for now.
We'll see you in a few months.


  1. Why bedtime? Does the water freeze?

  2. Noticed the 829oceandrive blog. Anyone we know in Newport? Stuffies look tasty!!

  3. The water often freezes, and my joints do too.

  4. That second photo is splendid! Novemberrrrrr here too... would love to be a bear to sleep the season over!

  5. Nice post. I feel your pain. I'm suffering too.


  6. Frankie: I never thought of the hibernation angle with the bear! Must confer with you next time.