829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Monday, December 13, 2010


First a blackout during the Cowboys game.  Now, snow comes
through the roof before the Vikings game.  Am I superstitious?  No. 
But I kinda wonder what's behind all of this weird stuff.  You know,
the Vikings used to play outside in the cold where football is supposed
to be played. The Bud Grant era with Jim Marshall,  Carl Eller, Fran
Tarkenton, Chuck Foreman.  We would hopefully have already been
basking in the glow of a hard-fought victory played on a field of
permafrost for several hours by now, but I find myself hoping that
this change in plans will affect the Vikings more than my beloved
G-Men.  The game has been moved to Monday night, in Detroit,
indoors once again.  Has anyone checked the roof? 
Knock on wood.  And don't walk under that Ladder!


  1. The Patriots certainly put the voodoo on the Bears. So much for "Bear Weather" being an advantage!

  2. I was an alter boy at a church in Arlington, Va in the late 60's. One Sunday morning I'm there next to the priest as everybody comes up to the alter. Two guys come up, one older white gentleman and one younger african american. They were wearing blazers with small vikings emblems on them. As soon as church was out I grabbed a pencil and piece of paper and ran out front to find them and ask for autographs. It was Bud Grant and Gene Washington. Couldn't have been nicer, very friendly. And this was mid-morning on a Sunday, game day for a Redskins game. It was pretty cool. ( Do you think you could approach a head coach and player on game day today? )

  3. Maybe, but not nearly with the kind of access you had, Steve. Do you still have the autographs?

  4. I'm sorry to say no, I don't have them. But I do have the memory. steve

  5. At least it wasn't a GIANT collapse. And I'm not sayin' anything about DeSean Jackson! (Well, nothing more, anyways...)