829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trenton Style

One of New Jersey's finest, Richie Cole still
brings down the house.  I think one of his
biggest gigs was playing for Doc Severinsen 
in the Tonight Show Band for a bunch of years.
He's a gentle-hearted soul, and I'm fortunate
to know him.  One of his music teachers was Jim
Lauffer, father of my dear friend Pete. 
Pete happens to be playing piano in this clip.
He's an extraordinary musician in his own right.
Imagine the fun Pete and I have when he comes
sailing with me. Trenton Makes, the World Takes. 
 And I'm proud as hell to live close by.
This next clip is for Pete. Because
Innagoddadavida was too freakin long.



  1. Hokey smokes!

    I heard him in the same place 30 years ago. He may have been wearing the same hat, too.

    A guy I worked with played drums and sat in with them for a set. I taped the set and have it somewhere.

  2. Like, wow, man. When it was hip to be hep, Richie Cole was hep.

    In the 90's on Maui I had the privilege of playing in a big band backing up Gabe Baltazar (who was Stan Kenton's alto soloist in the early 60's) on two occasions.

    East coast, West coast. To be around musicians of that caliber makes one appreciate what jazz is all about. O'dock - I'd love to hear that tape.