829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Food and Lodging

Okay:  Which state, town and road?

Identify the components of this plate


  1. New Jersey, Bordentown, US 130.

  2. The components of the dinner plate are a well and a rim.

  3. I take it the real question here, given that neither Tillerman (nor Baydog) has likely stayed at the posh motel left as a google-able hint, is which Trenton-area dining destination serves this mouth-watering plate?

    Or did I fail to recognize your crockery, D? (In which case I am puzzled by the first clue.)

    I have not decoded the riddle of Tillerman's second answer, but beyond the obvious sauteed scallops, I would guess halved cherry tomatoes and finely shredded carrots (bonded with parmesan?) and a mystery root vegetable?

  4. Oh, you want to know what the food is? I thought you said you wanted the components of the plate.

  5. Tillerman's encyclopedic knowledge of New Jersey's third-tier hotels never fails to amaze.

    I was impressed by one online reviewer's evaluation of the Travelite:

    "There's nothing better than getting hot water right away."

    I guess anyone vacationing in Bordentown has somewhat diminished expectations.

  6. There are so many motels like the Travelette on Rt. 130. If one has the time to drive up and down the highway, there are countless jewels to be seen, seemingly unchanged by the 21st century.

    The fine china is from Chez Dog; Mastori's Diner is a stone's throw from the Travelette.

  7. I'll defer to others on the identity of the lodging establishment, although I will say that we have many similar classics on the former Route 66 in New Mexico.

    As for the food: The seared scallops seem to be resting atop a relish of some sort ... red bell peppers and something else, I can't tell exactly what. The chunky root vegetables may actually be potatoes, possibly Yukon Gold. The other dish looks like sliced tomatoes, atop thin pasta (vermicelli?), and the whole topped with grated Parmesan, then run under a broiler to melt the cheese and brown the edges of the pasta.

  8. Scallops, roasted peppers, potato and tomato gratin, and roasted acorn squash. And not a green vegetable in sight.

  9. Darn you. Now I have to go buy scallops.

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