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829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What in the World?

Sudbury, Massachusetts, the other day on my
wife's friend's Facebook Page.  Provided this
happened naturally, can someone out there explain
just exactly how snow bends like this?  Am I naive?


  1. I don't know what's happened to the snow in this picture, but it looks like the same thing happened to the coffeepot in the foreground.

  2. It's called the Salvidor Dali effect.

  3. I have seen this phenomenon especially on sloped roofs in the mountains. A thin sheet of ice forms between the roof and the snow, and the snow gradually slides down, supported by the ice, until it projects out over the edge of the roof. Because the ice is very thin, it bends under the weight of the snow.

    In this case, what you have is a narrow fence rail rather than a whole roof for the snow to sag from, hence the surreal snow-rope.

  4. I'm confused. What's that white stuff?
    Shirt sleeves, shorts, at the beach today....65 degrees...dolphins and sea lions playing in the bay.

  5. Baydog, is this a reference to the local Philly TV show of the same name from the '50s?

  6. Wow. The billowing smoke clip most likely came from outside my dorm room.

    The pottery piece, I believe, came from my sister at the Berkshire School in Sheffield,
    Massachusetts, between 1993-94. I still have a cream pitcher that she made me.

    WCAU in 1952! Good stuff, O Docker, but maybe a few years before my time. My earliest recollections from Philadelphia TV are of Sally Star and Captain Kangaroo!