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829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Postcards from the US Open

The 22 foot-deep superpipe at this year's Burton U.S.
Snowboarding Open at Stratton, Vermont.

Mardi Bras.  And this doesn't just happen the week
of fat Tuesday.  Nor does it just happen at Stratton.


Kazu Kokubo won the men's halfpipe for the second
year in a row.  One very small bright spot for Japan.

Whether dancing with the stars or pulling off a 
front-side fakie McTwist, Louie Vito is a crowd
pleaser.  He asked my daughter to pose with him.
She said fine, but make it quick! 

It's hard to resist, even at $4.50 a pop.

We moved the clocks ahead an hour the night before,
so by looking at this picture can you tell me what time
it is?

#49264 patiently waiting for summer.


  1. It's five o'clock somewhere of course.

  2. As some of your readers may not be familiar with the mardi bras tree trimming tradition at many ski resorts, you might enlighten them as to the accepted "protocol" that the Stratton ladies are expected to follow in depositing their intimate apparel into the favored conifer from the very exposed chair lift?

    Regarding your beverage question, it must be late... er, the server must be late, that is, in delivering your next round, because you are clearly nursing that one.

  3. It's not just five o'clock; it's time to feed the cat.

  4. Looks like a fun time! Sorry we missed it this year. Happy Spring!