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829 Southdrive

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Soup Sunday

We had chicken soup for dinner tonight.  Friday, after
getting back from the shore, I threw a chicken in the
oven, dreaming about the meal we were going to have.
It was delicious, but that wasn't the meal I had in mind.
Yesterday I made soup from the leftover carcass, which
included most of the legs, wings, and one full breast.
After letting it sit in the fridge overnight, I scooped
out about a quart and a half of the soup into a saucepan,
an ethereal mix of vegetables, chicken, egg noodles,
and savory, super gelatinous chicken broth. 
No fuss tonight, just heat and serve. 

Earlier, my wife made Irish brown bread to dunk in
the soup.  Dense as the day is long, it's a great
accompaniment and easy as hell to make from a mix.

There was Murphy's left from Thursday, and it went
perfectly with dinner.  Soup and bread.  And we
still didn't end up sitting down until well after seven.


  1. Baydog - Am I seeing things, or are those olives floating in the top of your chicken soup?

    ... you know I love olives of almost any stripe, and they are sort of a vegetable... (well, technically a fruit)

    Delight me with the culinary explanation, maestro.

  2. Mojo: Think of the Ford Motor Company model that explodes with a rear impact accident. Then put the word "bean" after it.

    We need an olive summit, pronto. With beverages.

  3. Of course! I was confused by the scale of the photo.

    But them is big pinto beans, QuicksDraw!

  4. For the olive summit, how about this old favorite recipe for Blabbermouth Soup:

    - Wave a bottle of dry vermouth over a steel cocktail shaker. Or, if you want it really dry, as Winston Churchill did, just look in the direction of France.

    - Pour in 4-5 oz. of vodka or gin, as the spirit moves you.

    - Fill with ice, cover, and shake like hell. Let shaker sit for 1 minute.

    - Gently place one or two jalapeno -stuffed olives into a pre-chilled martini "bowl".

    - Bathe the olives in a generous pool of the clear broth from the shaker.

    - Sip directly from the bowl, which is considered acceptable social behavior... at least for the first three servings.

  5. I'm a dog. I'm used to drinking from the bowl.
    Tanqueray 10 please. Vodka and it's not a martini. Hot, pickled okra is also a great garnish.

    We need to trademark Blabbermouth Soup