829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

If this is the worst thing I have to do....

It wasn't even raining real hard and the water was
already overflowing from the upper gutters.  Something
wasn't right.  The heavy bands haven't arrived yet, just 
a couple of shots off the bow.  A lull in the downpour
presented an opportunity to squeeze out my daughter's
bedroom window and survey the problem.  A clog in the
upper downspout was causing the overflow and explained
the trickle of water running into the lower gutter.  Might
as well clean out the lower one while I was there.  6:00
and we're as ready as we're gonna be.  Everything is 
already up from the basement floor, except the furnace
and water heater.  The new bilge pump will be working
overtime for sure.  Cocktail hour has officially begun.


  1. My downspouts get cleaned only during rainstorms, too.

    Hang in there, think happy thoughts, and try to keep your mind out of the gutter.

  2. Thanks, Doc, although we lost power once already and the bilge pump is now running continuously.
    We're sleeping in rooms away from tall trees as well.

    O Docker, we actually are pretty diligent about getting them cleaned at least once a year. I'm starting to get too old to be on the roof.

  3. I've been too old to be thinking being on the roof. Been that way for some time. (If you fall and break both elbows, you won't even be able to drink your Coronas!)

  4. Looking forward to good news from you in your next post. Take care.

    We're not looking forward to the typhoon expected to hit us this weekend. I'll not be getting on the roof.

  5. Hope you got through the storm all right, and that the reason we haven't heard from you is simply that your electricity's out. I eagerly await your return to the blogosphere and your tales of your storm adventures.

  6. Wow, where shall I begin. Pandabonium, at least we have a roof and gutters, you are in a worse way I suspect.

    Baydog, I suspect that your gutter problem is solved by now, congrats for taking care of the problem before it worsened. BTW I cleaned my gutters last week.

    FYI Marie lost power early in the storm, she and her son, through valiant efforts, either kept her House Boat from sinking or floating away. All is good now, pumps are working and she survied, as I knew she would. She never left her post.

    Took my first sail today in Lee Marie, no boat traffic and a nice Westerly until it turned E.

    Got your Tee Shirt, had to use it to sop up some bilge water though, clean bilge water, that is! Nice design, you'll be pleased.