829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey Nineteen

Schaefer - was the - one beer to have - when you - had one more
than one dollar.  For $21.20, we could score a 1/2 keg of the world
famous Schaefer Lager.  11 people with 2 bucks and we were set.
All the rest was gravy.  And there was gravy to go around.  And,
often beer to shampoo your hair with in the morning.

My wife and I met at Clarion State College in 1980.
To this day, we have a very very small, close-knit
group of friends from out there who stay in touch.  
This weekend, two of our old friends made the trip 
East from Pennsyltucky.  Mike, in the Steelers cap,
was a roommate of mine.  He and I have stayed very
much in contact over the years.  He came out Friday
afternoon from PGH with wines from around the world.
It seems Jack Davis had something caught in his teeth
in this picture.  I think I was out looking for floss in the 
bathroom  when this was taken.

Sucks when you get old, huh Mike?

Lainey was my wife's first roommate.  She actually introduced us
to each other, in the dark, campfire-side, in the woods.  Did I
mention that it was dark?  I was supposed to be Sheik Yerbouti
in this shot.  Doug was a Saudi intern with a bandana.  Hescher 
was a Lennox air conditioner repairman with a floppy leather hat.
Miodus was the space alien army dude, and I still can't remember
the guy in red's name, but that's okay. 

The five of us went out on the bay on Saturday.  Fluky West winds
and black flies from hell prompted most of us to jump in and escape
the onslaught.  Lainey and her fiancee Mike assured us that the 
water was warm and the boat looked cool from their point of view..

Schaefer keg party # 267.  Doug seems to be having a flashback
while Malcolm holds up the wall next to the door.  I'm pretty
sure I gave him the Wharfside and Lobster Shanty T-shirt.  Good
chance nobody else in Clarion worked down on Channel Drive
in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey in a seafood restaurant.
Marlin with the cigarette was positively mesmerized.

Very possibly the next night in the same apartment.  Miodus is
using Doug's mouth as an ashtray, apparently with Doug's 
permission.  Malcolm chose to wear a forest green shirt for the
occasion.  We never wanted to be caught wearing the same
outfit twice.  That would just be tacky.

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