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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gold Bond

While we're on sail lofts, here's a new hybrid from a couple of fairly
well-known sailors in the Mid-Atlantic-and-way-beyond region.
Skip Moorhouse, after over four decades of building sails for
generations of competitive sailors, decided to retire to Montana
and sail in some fresh mountain water and kick ass out west for a 
change.  John MacCausland, a relative newcomer (cough, 
cough) to the sailing scene, has moved in and kept Skip's brand 
and added his own to create an obvious slam-dunk in 
performance racing services. 

The loft is located out in the fields of Lumberton, in spacious and
rural Burlington County, N.J.  If you didn't know where you were 
going, you'd be lost.  It's a veritable stone's throw, however, from
several hotbeds of East Coast sailing, including Barnegat Bay, 
Delaware River, Long Beach Island, and a little-known estuary
called the Chesapeake Bay.

I drove there today to ask that my mainsail batten pocket be 
mended. Seems that the velcro strap holding in the longest batten 
keeps losing its grip, and in turn allows said batten to protrude from 
the leech, making the skipper look like a dope.  I don't need any 
more help in that department.  I told Judy, the heart and soul of the 
loft, that she could easily find which pocket needed attention by the 
amount of duct tape residue around the end of the pocket.  I'm 
usually very content to just keep changing the duct tape instead of 
actually getting the sail repaired, and I even bought white tape so 
that it was less noticeable, but no, Baywife has had enough.  
Get the Goddamn thing fixed!


  1. ok, I'm lost - what does this have to do with Gold Bond?

  2. Not many people know that in March 2007, Lumberton NJ was identified as having the most active community of eBay buyers and sellers on a per-capita basis in the United States

  3. What do you mean the middle of nowhere?

    Lumberton is just three miles from Vincentown.

  4. And did you know that in March 2007, Vincentown NJ was identified as having the most active community of Yoga practitioners on a per-capita basis in the United States(?)

  5. Wives really hate it when their husband allows his long batten to hang out of its leech. Having the velcro replaced is a much better solution than waiting until your wife resorts to cutting off the end of the batten.

    So, do they still offer Gold Bond Stamps?

    1. Those of us with full length battens don't have these problems. Trophy Wife knows her way about around the helm and keeps the boat pointed into the wind. And, during the take down, nothing gets broken.

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  7. Not many people know that Gold Bond Medicated Powder was invented in Rhode Island and produced commercially - from 1908 until 1996 - just 15 miles from Tiverton.

    It's difficult to verify just what the most active community of Gold Bond Medicated Powder users is, on a per capita basis, because most users don't put Gold Bond Medicated Powder on their capita.

  8. Most users won't admit to putting Gold Bond on their capita. But Louie isn't bashful about it.

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  10. I'm surprised that up 'til now, nobody has mentioned a connection between last but one post's photo and last post's subject and this post's title.

  11. You wrote a post a while back about a Marshel Moorhouse who was at Pearl Harbor. I guess that was Skip's father?

    1. Sure was. One of thousands of great stories from the 'Greatest Generation'.

  12. What do you have to do to be called "Skip". I get it that if you're driving a boat, the other guys on the boat might call you "Skip". But how do you get people to call you Skip all the time? Do you have to be a really good sailor? Can you do it if you don't like your first name or people are always spelling it wrongly?

    I've been skippering a Laser for over 30 years. Can I change my name to Skip now?

    1. First, Tillerman, you have to get your crew to call you "Skip". That's the first step.

    2. Everyone on my boat has agreed to call me "Skip."

      What's the next step, Doc?

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  14. Baydog: Here's another New Jersey sail loft which has changed hands:

    * Clay Johnson, who had been campaigning to represent the U.S. at the 2012
    Olympic Games in the Men's Singlehanded event, has become the new owner of
    Colie Sailmakers in Pt. Pleasant, NJ. -- Details: