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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wooden Ships

This is sort of a sailing blog, right?  In 1974, can you
 imagine the aromas emanating from that arena?

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  I was by then well aware
of the music, but a year or two away from the aromas.
These guys were some more of my American Idols.
(and if you click on American Idols, there's a split-second
tribute to Dick Clark in there)
I wish Neil was out front with them.  Anybody could
have been back there playing the keyboard.

And who would have thought the guy named Dave 
would have a big old sailing boat?


  1. He sure did have a big old sailing boat. I think I read he was trying to sell it a couple of years ago. Did he ever sell it?

    Saw CSN in New York a few years back, at Lincoln Center, I think. Have to say I was a bit disappointed because the audio mix was terrible so that the voices were almost totally drowned out. How can a band with so much experience let that happen?

  2. Mention should be made of David Crosby's Mayan a legendary schooner.

  3. that David Crosby owned a big old sailing boat called Mayan.

  4. Hey Dog - The video prompts an association I have had in the back of my mind for some time. Curious if you see, in this video, the vague likeness to Hans in the face of Stephen Stills (minus the chops, of course)?

    ... but definitely NOT this guy.

    1. ... and even though that same Wembley concert has a very decent rendition of one our favorite late-night OFD anthems, there can be only one recording of the "Greek flag" song.

      Turn it up!!

    2. And it doesn't get any better than this, CSNY, June/July 1970.

    3. Now on a rainy Sunday evening, sliding into Neil's stirring acoustic ballad... cowgirl


  5. I have a question; how many people would you need to sail a boat/ship of that size? I figure you fellow bloggers have got to know?