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829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two Be Missed

Me, with Grama and Uncle Don

Mojo sent out an email last week with a link to an article he read
in the New York Times.  In it, Jacques Pepin shared his 
feelings about Thanksgiving:

"I fell in love with Thanksgiving, and it has remained my 
favorite of all holidays- maybe because it makes no explicit
appeal to patriotism, politics, or a particular religion, and it's 
not centered on children, like the egg roll at Easter, or the
Santa Claus tradition, with its largess of Christmas presents.
There are no gifts to bestow on anyone, except the gift of 
being together and sharing nourishment."

For our family, it's also an opportunity to reminisce about
Thanksgivings past, and remember loved ones who are
no longer with us.  It is always a great day, and the one
we call ourfavorite.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!