829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Elevation Was The Key

In the past thirty years, I'd been by this house countless
dozens upon dozens of times, unknowingly no doubt.
There were houses more attractive, whether smaller and 
quainter, or bigger and grander, and I can say that I
never remember seeing this suddenly extraordinary
structure.  Never once did I glance at it and think to 
myself that if a 'superstorm' ever hit this idyllic peninsula 
on New Jersey's eastern shore, that this house may be the 
only building left standing on its block.  I was amazed, 
along with millions I'm sure, when I saw this photo plastered
 on the internet, along with aerial photos and videos 
documenting Hurricane Sandy's path of devastation.

Amazing as it may sound, I have yet to personally survey
the destruction at this section of my beloved Jersey Shore.
Life often gets in the way of things one really wants to do.
Check out this article on the house left standing at
the base of the Mantoloking Bridge.  I wonder how Betty
Wagner's family is getting on.......

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  1. Let's hope that all the rebuilding is done to the standards that this house followed (or better.) I noticed that a house being built near me in RI is being done in a similar way, even though none of the houses around it were.