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829 Southdrive

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Monday, January 7, 2013

NFL Rules

You cannot remove your helmet in celebration!  15 yards any way
you look at it.  Only during time-outs and between quarters.  Even
if you're the Secretary of State or the former First Lady.  Once we
start making exceptions, everything goes to hell.  Come on man!


  1. Hey Ref, get some glasses.
    You penalize her for helmetless celebration - but who in their right mind would celebrate coming back to her job? Who would relish being on the playing field with Bashar Assad, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, Kim Jong Un, Hugo Chavez,Benjamin Netanyahu, etc.
    She was on the sidelines and as she comes back on the playing field she is probably just putting on her helmet, which frankly looks a bit light for dealing with those guys.

  2. Who are all these people and why are they making so much noise?

  3. Keep Reaching has it right - excessive celebration for someone coming back to work.

  4. This looks like one of those signing deal press conferences to me.

    There's some talk of her becoming a free agent, but I guess she's sticking with her old team for now.

    1. I think the Jets have her back filling for Tebo.

  5. Monica Lewinsky memorial helmet. But where's the mouth guard?