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829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Residual Energy Source?

Is it only me, or do both of you wonder what we could do with 
dryer lint to ease the stress on Mother Earth, or at least save a
few bucks a week?  How are my clothes still together with all 
of these loose fibers collecting in my lint filter?  I'm not
going to do it, but I'd thought many times, while out of work and
doing laundry every day, about how I'd collect lint and put it to
work for me.  Luckily I'm not giving it as much thought lately, but
come on.  Seems like we could benefit from this dryer fluff, no? 


  1. See blazer buttons and wet-sand paper....

  2. Is that where socks go when they die and disappear in the laundry?

    In Japan we use a solar powered dryer and it doesn't use gas, electricity, or produce lint.

    But if you have lint, some use should be found. Along with barbershop hair trimmings....

  3. I use it as a sort of "hamburger helper". It's actually more healthy than the meat byproducts we use...

    1. Ronald, I'm pretty sure horse meat is quite delicious when mixed with the dryer lint.

  4. Am I the only one that gets Baydog's blazer buttons and sandpaper allusion?

    Well done sir.

  5. Backpackers and outdoor enthusiast mix it with Vaseline to make a light weight fire starter.

  6. Apparently, some people hold dryer lint in high regard and are willing to make great sacrifices just to obtain it.

    You'll hear them going on at length about all the desireable things they're giving up for lint this year.

  7. And then there's the time Dirty Harry got thrown into a commercial tumble drier. Played by Lint Eastwood of course...

  8. I have been looking at this for a while, as disturbing as my thoughts may be (and yes I press the envelope), does not Baydogs lint look like an elephant fetus road kill....or is just me. PETA people may respond in kind, but be nice I actually ate vegetarian tonight, salad and pizza, and I hardly touched the pepperoni.