829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where Harry Met Sandy


Above-ground pool.

An acquaintance's home, most likely no longer inhabitable. 

A beach in the back yard is always good, except when 
the ocean is in the front yard.

I don't think they'll end up saving that pool.

The house that survived the new inlet.  An otherwise fairly
unremarkable structure, until you consider the owner's foresight
to build high in case of an unthinkable event.

Too late!  

We rode our bikes down Barnegat Lane on Saturday, stopping to gaze
 at the still unbelievable carnage, and to snap some photos to be 
shared a couple days later.  It's still quite a somber scene there;
  residents were in their yards, quietly raking gravel, picking up 
debris that I assumed would've been picked up months ago.  There
was a distinct smell of lumber in the air, the smell you get when you 
go to the back of the lumber yard to pick up your 2X4s.  I'm sure 
that the smell was not only of new lumber, but of splintered and wea-
thered beams and joists, blasted apart by the rush of the Atlantic as
 it flowed over and through the narrow strip 
of sand they call Mantoloking.

Outsiders like us tend to be detached from the reality of agonizingly
slow progress when it comes to disaster-stricken areas.  We hear
that aid has been granted to such and such towns, so as far as we're
concerned, everything's hunky dory.  Not so for so many of these 
shore folk.  The process continues, very slowly. 


  1. Looks like that some out on the Rockaway Peninsula too. I'm over at TQ's right now keeping Bella (the dog) company while he works a 24 hour shift. The beaches open this coming weekend, ready or not - and the parks department folks are doing their best to be readier than not!

    How's Beaton's?

    1. Beaton's is doing quite well. It's much of the rest of the shore that I'm not so confident about. Point Pleasant Boardwalk is up and running, and I hear Seaside is well on her way. It's the towns in between that we worry about. Things will not be back to normal this year. No way.

  2. tough to see those pictures. I imagine it's so much worse for you.

  3. To introduce a mercenary and opportunistic notion: are you tempted to look for real estate bargains? There must be some fixer-uppers for sale by people who don't have it within them to rebuild? I'm not sayin', just askin'!

  4. Back in the '62 Ash Wednesday storm it took south Jersey several years to repair everything. It will be interesting to see how long it will take Brigantine this time around. Brigantine Yacht Club will kludge the old recycled gas station/Post Office building they bought and moved in 1945 for one more season. Skilled craftsmen are hard to come by presently. In the fall it will be torn down. Spring work day for the club was pushed back from the usual April timing to this coming Sunday. I'll be there. Hopefully we'll be able to hold our Moth Boat Regatta on the 15th of June.

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