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829 Southdrive

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A great little boat

Dad's Hurley Silhouette, circa 1965.
Note the "Boom!" height in relation to my head.
I thought my English friends would appreciate
this slick little sloop. He also had a 2hp
British Seagull. Loud as hell, but reliable.

Dad and I would occasionally do overnights
down bay near Barnegat Light. The only food
I clearly remember eating on board was, oddly
enough, eggs and Spam! Good times.


  1. The ol' Seagulls; I remember them. Never had one, but I can remember a fair number of boats had them.

  2. We had a couple over the years, best thing we ever did was use one as a kedge!

  3. What Max, the Silhouette or the Seagull? Hopefully the latter..

  4. Nice old photos of you and your dad. What great memories you must have!

  5. Great photos and obviously great memories. And, who doesn't like spam or ice cream on the beach. We envy your sailing; it's something we watched from afar and thought about but never did. Lots of sailboats on the York and James River and Chesapeake Bay. They are beautiful to watch.

    Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  6. Boy, you really couldn't have had any blog name other than Baydog, could you?

    I presume the Spam wasn't that salty Chinese variety.

  7. my neighbor just gave me an older sailboat that looks identical to this one, it is a sixteen foot bilge hull, supposedly made in or made for waters in England, supposedly there are only five in the world, just wondering if any of you knew and more information or anything. i've been searching for one similar and founf my way to this site, thanks