829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Round Trip Pics

I took a roundabout route to the boat today to
continue varnishing, and dropped my sails off at
my favorite loft, Moorhouse Sails in Lumberton,
to have my main, jib, and main cover mended
and re-stitched as needed. Then I meandered
my way down to rt. 70, and headed east
to the shore. I knew there were several
landmarks that I'd pass and grabbed my
camera so as not to miss any opportunities.
Has anyone taken rt. 70 east to the shore and not
stopped at the Evergreen at least once?

Or at least not noticed the Hub Cap Superstore?

Up at the crack of ten, as my Father in law would say.
Dang, and Wendsday was my only window
of opportunity this week!

Another Jersey institution. The Red Top has got it
down. The place probably hasn't changed since
the first day open. Thank God.

100 yards east is the Green Top. They've been
there a long time as well, but compared to Red Top,
they've got a lot of work still to do.

A quiet, safe environment for your beloved pet.
Across the street from the American Legion Post,
Lacey Road, Bamber Lakes.
Do we need more information?

One of seemingly thousands of bogs in South
Jersey, full of bass, pickerel, and lily pads.

New Egypt. More like 2000 feet,
Emery's pies are never not ready.

Cream Ridge. Winter wheat feeling its oats.


  1. Eweh.... The S.A.P.R. PD is so busted!

  2. I think when sociologists of the future try to pinpoint at what juncture our country shifted its course from striving ever upward with courage and optimism to a cynical downward spiral, they will find that moment happened when we accepted without so much as a murmur of protest the substitution of the plastic wheelcover for the hubcap.

  3. Yes, We have gone from the theft of hubcaps to the theft of fire hydrants. That's regression in my book, O'Docker!

  4. Thx, Blogadministrator, for deleting my initial comment. You saved me from embarrassment.

  5. Doc: At least he shut off the water before stealing the hydrants. I can't believe they only weigh 80-100 pounds. I'd bet they weigh twice that. And, you're welcome. I too am a stickler for spelling.