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829 Southdrive

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't let me continue

The last time I attempted to author a politically charged post, it went over like a lead zeppelin, a screen door in a submarine, (there's a shape theme here I think)....... By the way, this image is totally New Jersey.  Oh, the humanity!

Let's invite yet another foreign head of state to stand in front of us, on our home field, and scold us like red-headed stepchildren (like me). The Arizona Immigration law is, for the most part, racial profiling, I agree. Is illegal immigration out of control? Yes. But it pisses me off that a) We can't figure out a better way of dealing with this matter, and b) we allow, with an open mic, leaders of certain (less civilized) countries to come and berate our policies with no restraints whatsoever. Mexico's economy benefits from billions of dollars in remittances from migrant workers in the U.S., but their leader still finds ways to criticize us.  I think there should be a bit more respect shown to us.  I guess that's what you can get away with in a free and open society. We need to find a way to improve relations and respect between these close neighbors.   I do love my country, don't ever get me wrong. Our forefathers fought to the death for freedom of speech, among other ideals. I'm just saying.


  1. Understand your point. It's not easy to take criticism of one's self or one's country. But sometimes we need it. A true friend is someone who is not afraid to tell us to our face where we are going wrong. That is actually showing more respect than just nodding and smiling and not speaking openly what you really think about a friend.

  2. I look at the big picture.

    Arizona is looking more like Aryanzona now because the state feels no one is watching the border. That's because the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is under-funded. That's because the U.S. government is spending gazillion of dollar$ watching Afghanistan's border. Tell me where's the logic of that?

    What's the point of dealing with a failed state all the way around the world from us which has always been in a medieval state? Shouldn't we be more concerned about a failing modern state across our border? Shouldn't we be as concerned with our runaway gun industry which has corrupted Mexico as much as Mexican drugs corrupted our society?

    I'm not sayin' ... just askin' ...