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829 Southdrive

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Monday, May 24, 2010

We need another car

My older daughter turned 17 in March.  We were very
 proud of her when she passed her driving test.  A year
or two ago, well before we had to take this seriously,
I suggested that when the time comes, I should hand
my big old Ford Expedition down to her, and look for a 
much smaller, more gas-efficient SUV.  A Hyundai,
 Kia, Daihatsu, you know.  My car would be perfect
 for her; huge, lots of heavy metal surrounding her,
 four wheel drive, a good safe car for my baby.
  How time flies. No sooner did her birthday come,
she was lobbying for the handover.  It was weird, but
I wasn't ready to give old Bertha away just yet.
Not to mention that I didn't all of a sudden come
into a pile of extra money I didn't know what to do with.
And to boot, things started going south on the old girl.
The last thing I want to do is give my daughter a car
that would be in and out of the shop.  Time to start
looking for a used car.  Easier said than done.     

Does anyone have a lightly used car, preferably 4-5 years
old, with extremely low mileage, mint condition, airbags
all around, extra body armor, heated seats, moonroof,
Onstar, GPS, Ipod adapter, autopilot and a parental
 tracking device?  For about a grand?  Okay, two?
I rode my yellow Schwinn Varsity all the way through
high school and then some.  I didn't have, however,
a water bottle holder.  Bottled water wasn't even
invented for another what, 20 years?
Kids just don't ride bikes these days.
Dad, seriously, get a grip. 


  1. You being in the throes of parenting breaches a locked closet where I have stashed away all of my memories. I'm not going to say nuthin'!

  2. Think urban chic.

    That bike's a perfect candidate to turn into a fixie.

    Ditch the mech and maybe the goofy cranks, add a flat bar, leather grips, and a Brooks B-17.

    Save the high-flange hubs and rebuild with new rims. Way less than $2K.

    When she borrows your leviathan, you get to ride the bike. Win-win.

    If you need a translation, ask your daughter.

  3. Ah, memories ... I remember when Gerald first got his drivers' license. When he first got his learner's permit, I even surveyed my readers about which car we should get for him.

    He ended up with Der Gila Monster. It's been fun, especially when he lets me borrow it, but it's had a run of breakdowns lately.