829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'll be the Roundabout

Heading east on Rt. 70.  If the Philly folks stay right on
the circle, they can veer off onto Rt. 72, which we all know
lands you on LBI.  I prefer to call it Long Beach Island.

When I got out to take this photo, the pine smell was so strong;
It's amazing what warm weather can coax out of the forest.
The pollen was so thick in the air, it looked like smoke.
It was as if a light green blanket was laid upon the ground.

Contrary to what many people who have never visited this
beautiful state say, it is not one of only refineries and toll plazas.

You have to approach and enter a circle like you are the boss.
(Not Springsteen)  Just be aggressive, don't back off,
hold your ground.  You'll get through and the others will
fill in the gaps behind you.  No blaring horns.  No time
for that.  They're still talking about me in Massachusetts
after that fateful rounding of the Mashpee rotary
back in '89.  The Martha's Vineyard Ferry could not wait.


  1. I went to University of Delaware and had a lot of college friends from NJ (one of them was married on Long Beach Island). The state has so many beautiful areas. It seems like people who criticize New Jersey have never ventured off the turnpike, or their opinions are entirely based on the opening credits of the Sopranos.

    Good advice about the Roundabout.

  2. My grandparents lived in Basking Ridge for most of my childhood. I have such good memories of visiting them. Rabbits & deer in the field out back of their house, wild strawberries, the best sweet corn & peaches in the world at Crane's Farm Stand - wonderful.

    When people find out where my mom grew up, the next question will frequently be a jovial "Oh, you're from Joisey, huh?"

    She always corrects them with a slightly tight smile & a clear "No, I'm from New JERsey."

    word verification: subba.

    What do you say when a cute bubblehead walks past?
    Subba subba!

  3. I'm very fond of you, Bonnie. And Erica as well.

  4. While a high entrance speed and failure to give way are important in successfully negotiating a traffic circle, don't discount the effectiveness of avoiding all eye contact with your opponents.

    The slightest cue that you're aware of other cars shows weakness on your part. Above all, never, NEVER look over your shoulder for merging traffic.

    And you're right about warm weather coaxing so much out of the forest. I think this is why bodies are traditionally dumped in the pine barrens only during 'R' months.

  5. No eye contact? O Docker, remember, I'm in the restaurant business. And 'R' months...hilarious. R for rotting