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829 Southdrive

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Crystal Ball

Chucky predicts it will be the Dallas Cowboys
and the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship
this year.  I respect Jon Gruden and think he's one of
the great personalities in football.  I also respect the New
Orleans Saints for persevering for all those decades of 
ineptitude and finally winning the big one. 
 I hate the f'in Cowboys.  Almost as much as the Eagles. 

I'm sticking with Eli.  He's still such a young boy to me. 
But he's a young boy with a great arm, the ability to get
out of a jam, the desire to succeed, the pedigree of a royal
American football family, and a frickin big-ass ring to 
prove that he's got the balls to pull it off again. 

Tyree's catch may have been lucky, but you got to get
it in the right place for luck to happen.

The winning TD pass to Burress was as calm and cool
as could be.  Those seconds before that catch seemed
to last an eternity to me.

I said to myself when I saw this image live, that this
would not be the last time I saw this guy raising
the Lombardi Trophy.  I'm expecting to see the 
same this February.  I know it's only a game,
but tell that to us at 1:00 on Sunday afternoon. 
Here, take these cottonballs. You're gonna need them. 


  1. Tears in my eyes! I am his second biggest fan.

  2. As Jack Sheldon would say, that trophy looks painful .... but I guess if he practices with it...