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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Go West Young Man

I started writing a long, drawn out story about how this guy,
Cornel West, is a real guy, to anyone, like me in particular. 
Things got a little wordy, and I thought that readers might start
to yawn and fall asleep before getting through the post.  So, please,
take my word.  This guy loves and respects every one of God's
children equally, I believe.  While greeting him at the restaurant on
dozens of occasions, I've had more man-hugs from him than all of my
 guy friends combined....ever. A random meeting on the sidewalk
with him this evening confirmed my belief that no-one is better
than anyone else. Especially since that the majority of our other
customers, upon seeing us outside the restaurant in otherwise
 ordinary settings, don't usually recognize us because we're not
in our "uniforms", serving them.

I may not believe in all of his political views,  but that doesn't
matter. I am his brother, and he reminds me every time I see him.
Hey, wake up!  Were you snoring?


  1. Cornel West:

    "You can't lead the people if you don't love the people. You can't save the people if you don't serve the people."

    You goin' up on my esteem chart, Baydog. You're a heavier dude than I had previously thought.

  2. wow! I felt hugged through the ether. Now i'm in a loving happy mood. Thx, Baydog!

  3. This country needs more people with the love, the wisdom and the courage of Cornel West.

  4. I ain't heavy Doc, he's my brother

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  6. Gee whiz Baydog, you get all the celebrities walking into your place. I've got to make it out there and sample your food. You do serve booze, I hope?

  7. The University has an awful lot to do with it, Joe. And Cornel has been teaching here on and off for the better part of 20-25 years. And yes, adult beverages abound.

  8. Everything I know about hugging my fellow man I learned from the late Leo Buscaglia . Cornel West is a treasure too.

  9. I'm on his hug list too! Warm and genuine man.

  10. Thanks to all who commented so long ago