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829 Southdrive

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Four Words

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  1. I met Tricky Dick in person in 1975.

    After sailing on a friend's yacht out of Dana Point, CA, we went to a Mexican style restaurant for dinner. This was near San Clemente and the "Western White House". As we waited for a table, two Secret Service agents ushered the President into the the small entry and there we were, less than a meter from the man. We smiled, said, "Good evening, Mr. President" , he smiled back and said hello, evidently pleased to not be cursed at. My SO shook his hand saying something like "pleased to meet you" - I declined.

    As we were walking away to be seated, the door open again and more Nixons, and Secret Security people, came in. At the time we thought it might have been Julie Nixon Eisenhower and husband David, but we didn't really recognize them, so I'm not sure. Nixon was said to be 5' 11" tall, but to me, that night, he looked much shorter. Maybe it was his posture. Maybe it was the effect of humiliation over Watergate. If so, he deserved it. For that, and much, much more.