829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Monday, October 18, 2010

It won't be long

Fewer of our dockmates are seen milling around this time of year. 
Most of the boats are still in the water, but I imagine the majority 
have haul-out dates chosen and their owners are sitting on their
couches watching football or, perish the thought, baseball playoffs. 
And some may even be walking around their local orchards, choosing
pumpkins for their front porches or watching their grandchildren
enjoying the hayride around the corn maze.  Mulled cider and cider
donuts.  Bluegrass bands and funnel cakes.  I'm pissed.
I'm not ready for summer to be over.  I never even put my
hammock out in the back yard!  We didn't once even sleep on
the boat.  Probably the reason for both of those complaints
is that it was so goddamn hot this year.  Waaaah.

We did , however, race the boat twice this season.  The 
second race was the most thrilling one I've been in for
probably thirty years.  We were solidly middle of the pack
and I am still pinching myself, wishing I had a camera 
mounted to my head so I could relive it every day.  We will
do much more of that next year, I swear.  I also would love
to get back into smaller one-design races, but that's
another bridge to be crossed. 

Emotions are mixed right now.  I still have the desire to
sail, but the fall brings new responsibilities. Yardwork,
family obligations, the realization that nobody wants to be
on the boat and shiver at the same time.  I can somehow
relate to that.  Plus, the state marina wants my butt (boat)
out around Halloween.  That's scary.  I've got two weeks
to come to terms with this.  Honey, another hot-buttered rum?


  1. I offer a economically priced Blog Editing Service at this time of the year. You should have written,
    ... their owners are sitting on their couches baseball playoffs or, perish the thought, watching football....
    I'm just trying to help out!

  2. Hi Baydog - I know, the summer went by way too fast and it stinks that the boat needs to come out soon. I'm glad you were able to race over the summer, and hopefully you can get up to Stratton this winter. For now, have few rum cocktails and take it easy!