829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Monday, October 4, 2010

The professionals know

Parts is parts, I guarantee.  Popeye's chicken is most definitely
the fried chicken for me.  And there's nothin like their chopped
cole slaw.  The mashed potatoes have a bit of white pepper in
them.  Delish. My wife has a problem with that. But I refuse
 to go to KFC.  Soggy and salty.  My opinion.
And Popeye's Laser masts tend not to bend too much. 
At least that's what the helpful gentleman from Laser
Performance Sail and Sport Rhode Island says.
And he should know.  I should think. 


  1. ... and did you mention that they can be had for less than three hundred and twenty five dollars and eighty two cents including sales tax? K

  2. Way better than that. We get coupons in the mail that allow us to feed a family of four, with leftovers, for under twenty bucks! And when I go in there and say that I would gladly pay them on Tuesday for a hamburger today, they look at me like I had two heads or something. Of all the things

  3. I think you've just answered the old riddle of why Popeye always said, "Well, blow me down!"

    He sailed a Laser.

  4. Popeye's wouldn't get the "pay you on Tuesday" line, you need to go to Wimpy's with that... K

  5. there is a sort of sketchy chicken place near where I work - I think they broil it instead of fry it, maybe, and I didn't really care for it (only tried it once). but their slogan is great, and takes a nice little stab at KFC, it was:

    "If the Colonel had our recipe, he would have been a General."

    (if only that were true, I'd be back...)