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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Food is Love

Who can tell me what the food is and from whose
blog it came? They are all from My Daily Bread.


  1. The first one shows stuffies and is from Proper Course. The last one is of Ipswich belly clams and is from frogma.

    What kind of hat have I won?

  2. I knew both of those! I also recognize some Chicago chili from Five O'Clock Somewhere, some huli huli chicken from the Horse's Mouth (stolen by me shortly after posting) and mmmmm a little post-Lido lunch at Mama's from Sweet Bluesette.

    I also recognize a Philly cheese steak, and oyster and a fruit, cheese and sausage tray of unknown provenance, and also some kippers which I would bet appeared on Capt. JP's log (although my bet would be of the "a beer" variety, nothing substantial).

  3. Oh, and a Maryland crab cake?

    And the fruit, cheese and sausage tray is from The World Tour (I hadn't seen it but it's SO Alex and Taru that I just went over and found it).

  4. And more specific detail on lunch at Mama's - it's Kimie's lunch and it's centered on "buri" (Japanese amberjack fish).

    I was also going to bet that the oyster was Bowsprite's, because I knew she'd gone on an oyster binge not too long ago, but actually that was somebody else's oyster.

    And that's it for me, I have to go to work now!

  5. And #3 is some unknown smoked fish from The Log of Spartina.

  6. And #2 is soft shell crabs from Proper Course. Duh! I thought they looked familiar!

  7. Just my luck. By the time I show up, everyone's gotten to the food first.

    What's for dessert?

  8. And #5 is of sardines on Proper Course. Geeze, are any more of them mine?

  9. Oops. Really thought those were kippers. Wrong on both counts. Do I owe somebody a beer?

  10. Uh,....okay! Bonnie, what did you end up having for lunch?

  11. Hey, I recognize some of those!


  12. The fish that I described as "unknown smoked fish" in #3 is actually salmon. and the big oyster in the penultimate photo is also from The Log of Spartina.

  13. Steam table dumplings which upset my tummy. :(

    May have to stop at Cafe Tibet for some of their (locally) famous momos (Tibetan dumplings) to make it up to myself.

  14. I'll say it just because I want to give the place a plug. The crabcake is from Ruke's in Ewell on Smith Island. Lots of jumbo lump crabmeat and not much of anything else.

  15. Baydog, I have to express my disappointment.

    ... not with the food, which had me salivating like a dog chasing a meat wagon (... if we had those anymore)

    How can you expect us to fully appreciate these superb delectables in the absence of imagining an equally enticing (matched for each) adult beverage??

    With the exception of the brilliantly paired fried clam bellies and Harpoon IPA (thanks Bonnie), we are left wandering in the dark.

    Apply your extraordinary talent, here, in guiding us!

    Or maybe it's another post --multiple choice matching exercise??

    Just a suggestion.

  16. Alright Moj, this is not multiple choice, but rather my first instinct for each:

    1: Draft beer, preferably local Newport ale.
    2: Talbott or Kistler Chardonnay.
    3: Trimbach Gewurztraminer, very cold.
    4: Bone dry Chablis.
    5: Viognier or Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc.
    6: Large Coke.
    7: Pusser's rum in hot tea, like my friend Russ does at Hove to off Swan Point. (By the way, it's toasted Joe Leone's sausage bread on his Sardine woodstove top)
    8: Ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon in a can.
    9: Eastern Shore Brewing Lighthaus Ale.
    10: Fusion Red Table Wine from Lodi, CA.
    11: Vinho Tinto.
    12: Dry, chilled premium sake.
    13: Tanqueray Ten Gibson, up.
    14: Harpoon IPA (Duh)

  17. Now there's a post to make you hungry - lovely looking sardines (or what ever there are).

    Alas no haggis :(

  18. Magnifique, maestro!!

    Beautifully paired and balanced.

    My only change would be some suds for #6.

    I don't think I'll be able to work today...

  19. Hey Baydog - Happened to be spinning some wax this evening and pulled out an old Climax Blues Band (FM Live - 1973). In the spirit of so many delectable choices... So Many Roads

    Couldn't find a youtube of the classic "Going to New York" from that album, but this track is tasty too.

  20. ... but you can get it at iTunes

    Scroll down to #11... Goin' to New York

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  22. So Many Roads reminded me of this little ditty:


  23. Actually, the chili is Cincinnati chili. Surprised you didn't get the beer can chicken in there too.

  24. I wish I did include the Beer Can Chicken, Carol Anne. I was torn about the Kiev Chicken but went with the Cincy Chili Spaghetti. I always loved the idea of cutting into a
    stuffed, breaded and fried chicken cutlet, awaiting a flood of melted garlicky-herbed butter. I have had this obsession with food for a long, long time. This might be a good future post topic.

  25. Gerald has been an avid foodie since elementary school. Starting in 2nd grade, he was in the gifted program, which cooked up an alternative to the school cafeteria lunch every Wednesday. He learned not only about cooking great food, but also running a commercial kitchen, meeting health codes, and the business/finance side of things.

    Now he's on a major Vietnamese-cuisine kick -- one of his good friends is Vietnamese, and he's now dating that friend's kid sister. He's been sussing out where to find the best pho in Albuquerque.

  26. I crave Pho daily. It's the most deeply satisfying bowl of soup. Next to my Mom's clam chowder. She makes it with short ribs.

  27. Oops! I said Chicago, didn't I?

    I didn't get my momos that night, but I did get them Wednesday night. Started eating them on the platform when the train didn't turn up for a long time and I started getting cold, I started in on 'em. Warmed me right up. Momos in the snow, mos' ono!

  28. From Steve in Baltimore

    I made this list before looking at the comments:

    stuffed clams
    fried soft crabs
    baked salmon
    steamed shelled litteneck/cherrystone clams
    kippered herring?
    Phillie cheese steak
    things on a stove
    barbecued chicken legs (or some other bird)
    crabcake sammich
    spaghetti & meat sauce
    brie, some other cheese, grapes, summer sausage
    tuna, rice, wonton & and other things
    fried clams & a beer (fried clams are usually mano/soft clams)

    I have to say that the clamcake in the pic looks like an imitation from outside of Maryland. Also, having become something of a snob about Italian food after living in RI (& a chili snob after living in CA), the Cincy Chili-spaghetti is something I'd really have to work up to trying.