829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Pretty subdued at the finish for me, don'tcha think?
BTW, Lori "Postcards from LBI"'s son Jeff is a
hot E-Scow sailor and managed a stellar 15th
place in a fleet of 79 E-Scows.  A massive turn-out
for one of the oldest one-design classes in the US!

Dad with his go-fast 5 man crew.  He broke out the Seidelman 
main for this race. He had bought the boat from Had Brick
in Island Heights.  The sail number was IH 27.  He swapped the 
letters for MC (Metedeconk) and dropped the 7 on each side 
of the sail. The boat was named  "Martha", with the hard, black 
plastic letters actually nailed on to the transom. 
That was the first thing to go, I think.


  1. "black plastic letters actually nailed on to the transom" - How tacky!

    Nice video. As you know, Baydog, I had a blast sailing scows on a little lake in Minnesota when I was 14. Only got to go on an E once though. Great boat design.

  2. I second Panda: GR8 video & I regret never having had my own Scow stage. They are wonderfully looking boats.

  3. Yeah, I guess "Repechage" is more race-appropriate than "Dot"