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829 Southdrive

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Friday, September 9, 2011

NFL Kickoff Game

There was a great, high-scoring, first-game-of-the-season
tonight between the Packers and the Saints.  I don't think
that after all the B.S. during the lockout earlier this summer
that the NFL could have asked for a better contest.

I did notice that the Packers fans were waving yellow
towels in the same manner that the Steelers fans have 
been doing for decades.  As I was trying to cleverly come
up for an alternative name to the Steelers' 'Terrible Towel',
I asked my wife to quickly think of an idea.  Without
flinching, she said 'Cheesecloth'.  Brilliant.  LOFL.
And I'm usually the one who comes up with the quick one.
What do you think, Titletown Towel or Cheesecloth?

P.S.- I just realized this guy painted the G on 
his face while looking in the mirror.  At least
he looks good to himself.


  1. A great game, dontcha-know! How aboot da guy wid da ticker tape cheesehead?

  2. Cheesecloth. Mrs. Baydog is brilliant.

  3. PS - it's me, Bonnie K. Frogma.

  4. Agree with Bonnie!

    (My wife is a cheesehead from Madison and she has un chapeau fromage like the one above to prove it)