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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Challenge Cup 2011

The Tall Oaks/Windjammers Challenge Cup was raced last weekend.
With a conservative, middle of the line start and good boat speed,
we stayed toward the front of the fleet the whole way around the
10 mile race course.  We finished fourth out of 12,  20 seconds 
behind the 3rd place finisher, a Catalina 30.  For once, I felt we 
were faster than them on all points of sail except the broad reach, 
where 'Escapade' ate us alive.  We are the only boat flying 
Betsy Ross from the spreader. 

Escapade had PB&Js on that passing leg.  That may have 
proved to be the difference, seeing that half of us on Bay 
Rhumb were eating Liverwurst sandwiches.

We sailed around after the race while everyone else went
in to prepare for the big awards dinner and trophy
presentation.  It gave me time to reflect on the race
and wonder why we took all summer to finally sail well.

Tall Oaks Yacht Club defended the Cup and got 
to hold on to the hardware for another winter.
Larry Ellison, eat your heart out!


  1. Way to go!

    I think Catalina 30's have earned their rep for being slow boats in areas where there's not much wind. Once it's 15+, the boat comes into its own and moves pretty well. They're heavy and will punch through chop better than some lighter boats.

    But I think Escapade's real advantage here was the PB&J - breakfast (well, OK, lunch) of champions. I could wax hyperbolic about PB&J (and maybe I will in a blog post), but it's a sandwich with staying power - it won't fall apart no matter how rough the conditions.

    Take solace in knowing that you do have a much better boat name than your competition, though.

  2. Next time, no Liverwurst for Betsy and she has to come down from the spreader and help as rail meat!

    Seriously, it was a great way to end our summer and racing season. Thanks to the both of you.

  3. And the question still remains....mustard or mayo?

  4. Oh and by the way, thanks to MillieMac for the great photos as usual!

  5. Come to think of it, we had PBRs on board, which I would rather have had than PB&Js.

  6. I just noticed the back of your shirt. Maybe that's the secret of your success?

    Never underestimate the power of O.

  7. Except it's really a Q.

    (verification word: sailin)

  8. I was wondering about that.

    I guess we see what we want to see.

  9. If I'd had the Q on my sails rather than my t-shirt, we might have been even faster...

  10. Mustard, without a doubt!

    ... and a thick slice of raw onion.

    ... wash it down with PBR--mmmm, good