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829 Southdrive

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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Hemingway

Larger than life, I present to you Charley Best.  Superlative.
He lives life to the fullest (pardon the trite phrase but it fits,
Goddammit).  A pure Jersey boy through and through, he
graduated from Manasquan High School before, after, or
with Jack Nicholson among others.  I can't remember if I 
asked him that particular question and frankly, it don't matter.

This guy is the mildest-mannered, friendliest, and one of the
most pleasant people you would want to sit on the porch 
and shoot the shit with.  Between Beaton's and the Florida Keys,
he sails his catboat, rides his Harley, and fishes all year long.  
He's quite proficient with his film editing, and cooks up a storm 
from what I gather.  Since it doesn't look like I'm visiting Florida
any time soon, I'm looking forward to his Northern migration
sometime this mid-May.  You still have 3+ months down there,
Sandscraper.  Make the best of them.  


  1. Baydog,
    Last night when I woke up to a geriatric urge to relieve myself of adult beverages I'd consumed earlier in the evening, I brushed by my computer. Although my computer was sleeping, my encounter with the mouse awakened the device, being naturally inquisitive, I started surfing a bit; eventually I ventured on to my Blog to see if anything was new. As usual I clicked on Baydogs Site to see if he was posting after midnight again, I was surprised to see my picture, with a fish that I had caught earlier in the week.

    The Title,"My Hemingway" jumped out at me from the Internet. Why, I wondered, I don't have a beard, I'm not a writer, I do enjoy a cocktail, however, though that hardly qualifies me to Hemingway status. With my thinking clouded by the mid-morning encounter,
    I could only come up with the following explanation, he was politely asking what "my heming weighs". My only answer is about 200 Lbs.

    Baydog, on a more serious note, thank you for the compliment, I have tried to live the life that my parents never realized and that other members of my family wanted but were deprived of through unforseen circumstances(cancer).
    Additionally, my best friend and fishing buddy from NJ worked all his life only to die from Mesothelioma just after he retired. His dream was to live and fish in the Keys, not unlike what I am doing, I hope I honor him by living not only my dream but his as well.

  2. FALSTAFF: We have heard the chimes at Midnight, Master Shallow.

    SHALLOW: That we have, that we have, that we have, in faith, Sir John, we have. Our watchword was "Hem*, boys!" Come. let's to dinner, come, let's to dinner. Jesus, the days that we have seen!

    *Hem = "Bottoms up!"

    (Henry IV, Part Two, III.ii)

  3. Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.

    ... just kidding

  4. I've been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library.

  5. You're sounding like Ernest.

    Not good!

    Lay off the mojitos.

    Bourbon becomes you, darling. (... and Joe)

  6. Has anyone seen 'Midnight in Paris'? Highly recommended.

  7. Hey Mojo, what's your take on all of this?

  8. Let's have the story of that new title picture. Where, when, what boats? I'm guessing the "who" from right to left is Baydog, Baydog's brother and that one of the other two boys is Mojo?

  9. Gimme some time, T. I'll put something together.

  10. Baydog, you're reading my mind.

    I'm working on a post related to that film - if I ever get it written.