829 Southdrive

829 Southdrive

A New Jersey state of mind

Monday, January 9, 2012

Old Bay Head, New Jersey

Turn of the century kids playing in the sand by a dock
somewhere in Bay Head, New Jersey.  The Twentieth
Century, that is.

An actual organ grinder, with a monkey!  I can just imagine the kids
running down the lane, giggling, with fresh scrapple in their hands!

The Breeches Buoy, a mainstay device for rescuing shipwreck 
survivors back in the day.  These days you can ride one through
 a rainforest on an eco-tour and pay a healthy sum to do so. 

A surfboat being re-set for a future rescue call.

Sneakboxes racing off the main dock at Bay Head Yacht Club.
To this day they have a somewhat strict dress code on Yacht Club
premises.  I can't recall ever wearing slacks on a dock in the
summer.  Or shoes for that matter.

Now this is more my and my ancestors' speed. 
The upper Metedeconk.  My neck of the woods, well before
I ever had a neck.  My predecessors likely had some more
dirt under their fingernails than the fancier clad folk lining the
main dock at BHYC.  And that's just fine by me.


  1. I remember having to wear someone else's blazer to dinner....
    Kinda like borrowing a tie from the maître de.

  2. And at that point you feel like you'd rather go home.

  3. Okay, this is more like it. Yes, much less like a week of drinking in Key West. Mind you, I never had to borrow someone else's blazer to wear to dinner. Shoes, on the other foot, is a different story.

  4. When did the Clan Macbaydog first arrive to the shores of Jersey?

  5. Early 40's at the shore, but my Mom's relatives lived in Irvington and that area well before the turn of the century, I think. My Dad's family was from Philadelphia.