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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eye Heart My Wife

And I cooked some of her absolute most favorite food.  We typically
don't go out for dinner on Valentine's Day.  It stems from my having
to work that night for the past 30+ years.  I swore if I ever was off,
we'd spend the night at home, and I'd spend half the money and make
something twice as good.  Seared sea scallops with asparagus,
leeks, and fingerling potatoes enveloped in cream, dill, and lemon.

I did some sesame-crusted seared tuna, sliced and served with 
wasabi and soy to start.  Oh, and a scoop of Guacamole on the 
side.  The tuna could've been a little more rare, but it was super 
fresh and tender so no big deal. There's tuna leftover for my 
wife's lunch tomorrow, as well as scallops and the vegetable 
melange. Co-workers will be craning over to inquire.


  1. Tell me when you're comin'. I'll make sure there's enough. Promise

  2. Eye Heart My Hubby!

  3. We ended up doing something similar - well, sort of.

    Take out Sashimi from our favorite sushi place and a quiet dinner at home. We tend to avoid restaurants on the busy holidays.

    Finished the evening with some artisanal chocolates and our current favorite wine - a Grenache from the local terroir. It's nice having a terroir right in your backyard.

  4. Doc,

    Having a terroir in you back yard is nice. Of course you have to feed it, make sure it has plenty of fresh fresh water and clean up its poop. Other than that they are a lot of fun and make great companions. Whats your terroir's name?

  5. Napa. O Docker named it after a cabbage.

  6. And O Docker, you know what Homeland Security says: If you see something that may be terroir, drink it.

  7. Sit Napa, Sit...good boy. Doc is Napa a Grappa Russel Terroir?

  8. Actually, we're lucky enough to have a few terroirs to choose from - California does still have some redeeming virtues, after all.

    Napa is far enough from us that it's a whole day's trip getting there and back.

    But an old terroir in Amador County that's seen a drunken renaissance in recent years is only about 45 minutes away - a classic case of an old terroir that refused to roll over and play dead.

  9. Replies
    1. oh, I can't believe it. I went "Awwwwwwww!" kneejerk reaction. SO cute!

  10. If you lock yourself in your house and never go out in public, the terroir has won.

  11. Tillerman,

    I think Yorkshire pudding is much better than Yorkshire terroir, I have tried Yorkshire terroir, and it is a bit stringy. Of course my neighbor who owned the terroir was a a bit upset when I ate his, but that's just the Hannibal Lecter in me. Fava beans...that's what the dish needs. Yummmm

  12. You forgot the Chianti, but that's another denominazione altogether.

  13. And denominazione is a "WTF does that mean" google search for sure!

  14. Baydog - Been out west skiing for a week with the family, so sorry I missed this tribute to Your Lovely on V-day.

    BTW, there's some jerk-*** over at 90.8% who's trying to steal YL! He even cut-and-pasted your post as if it was his own!!

    That's what you get for marrying a goddess like E. Lots of stalkers.

    I know... goes with the territory for a celebrity chef.

  15. I meant, it goes with the terroir

  16. Moj-How was High Rustler? And the porcupine? Do tell.

  17. Not enough snow for us to get into High Rustler this year, as P was in recovery mode from injuries and playing it safe. Still, very good skiing for a drought year. We got lucky and had 3-4 inches of fresh every other day.

    Of course, a big storm storm started rolling in the day we left (Saturday). Dumping right now (as we see from CT).

    I'm not on Facebook, but you must have seen P's post of my picture. H and I were skiing off Supreme, and the friendly porcupine waddled out to enjoy the sun. Apparently, he loves to crawl on doting skiers' legs.

    Don't ask what's needling him. Nuff said!

  18. E.D. - Should you have feelings of inadequacy, I am available to help.

  19. I thought this was supposed to be a Valentine's Day post, for chrissake!